Friday, September 18, 2009

Uh... heh.

Well, I'm working on re-posting a new version of the first video and the second video on (Hoping against hope that they don't care that I used footage from Hitman), but even then I'm having some issues- Chrome will not upload video to anything- YouTube,, etc. So, I have to use FireFox. But, of course, my FireFox is fucking slow.

But, oh well, right? Nothing I can do about it. The two of them should be uploaded by tomorrow so just relax.

Got another thing planned: The very first Let's Play (Kinda-halfassed) of Darkest of Days ever! Check the Status Report for info.

Also, status report.

Hitman: Level Revues
Super awesome theme: Done.
Episode 1: Done.
Episode 2: Done.
Episode 3: Filmed, but not narrated.
Episode 4: Filmed, but not narrated.
Episode 5: LAAAAZY

Diaries of a Time Traveler
Awesome kickin' theme: Done, preliminarily- but I have another idea.
Episode 1: Filmed, but not narrated.
Episode 2: Filmed, but not etc.
Episode 3: Died during filming. Trying to figure out how to not die during filming.

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