Friday, May 14, 2010


In celebration of Steam's release on Mac, Valve is offering Portal for free until the 24th of May. It's not Steam's usual schtick of a "free weekend", or in this case, free week. With this deal, you download Portal and get to keep it. Forever. You get a free copy of one of the highest-rated and most critically acclaimed games in history.

If you haven't played Portal, get a steam account, download it, and love it. Even if you don't have a computer that can run it, make an account and get it anyway- you'll have it later.

It's worth it!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Excuse me while I rant: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package

Wow. Just wow. Modern Warfare 2 has released their "Stimulus Package" DLC to the public, for the rather inflated price of 15 bucks. Oh, wait, no, sorry, that's $14.99. Despite the fact that you're not paying with cash, so the extra cent will lay unused in your account forevermore. But that's beside the point. I'm not saying that the PRICE of the DLC is bad- though it certainly isn't great, considering that the Far Cry 2 Fortunes Edition (Far Cry 2 + DLC) is only $20, and the FEAR 2: Reborn DLC is available for $9(.99... ugh), and includes four new SINGLEplayer maps, but I digress. No, I'm pissed that they're charging for this in general. Look at Left 4 Dead and its sequel. Two great games, each with their own DLC, each free. Developers, unless you're offering us something totally  new that we can't make or get ourselves, all paid DLC does is annoy us. It's not like this stimulus package contains anything we can't live without... Oh, wait, sorry, forgot that you can't use custom maps with the matchmaking system. A genius stroke, or a lucky coincidence for Activision? I'm leaning towards option two here.


Oh Snap.
Announced today, the "Resurgence" DLC for Modern Warfare 2 is going to offer five new maps (And, yes, nothing else) for the low, low price of $14.99.

The price of these two DLCs would now buy you a copy of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, STALKER: Call of Pripyat, Borderlands, or even Left 4 Dead 2. It's half the cost of MW2 itself!

I really don't think anything else needs to be said. There are much better games out there for much more reasonable prices. If you're looking for something interesting, check out Interstellar Marines. It's a new, promising shooter from an independent developer. For $40, you get a copy of each of the three games (When they come out- it's a preorder), 2 day pre-access to releases, and other sweet bonuses. For $25, you get the first game and the 2 day pre-access. The money supports a promising team that seems to be making a killer series. If you're considering either DLC for MW2, give this a go instead.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My First Experience with S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat

1. Dropped my pistol while trying to calm another stalker so I could talk to him.
2. Met another stalker who tried blowing my head off, then kindly showed me to an anomaly where I could get to my objective.
3. Went through anomaly, got confused, went through anomaly again.
4. Dropped down the wrong ridge and got stuck below my objective.
5. While trying to get to objective, realize there is some sort of huge storm incoming. Scramble for shelter.
6. Find a nice, quiet building.
7. Realize building is full of not-nice, very loud people.
8. Get shot by said not-nice people while trying to take shelter.

Also, somewhere between steps 3 and 4, I was attacked by dogs.
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